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This community has been created to help raise funds for Jen and her young daughter Mia who are engaged in a custody battle involving domestic violence. A plea for help went out last week to try to find a lawyer who would take Jen's case, as the court-assigned lawyer was not acting in Mia's best interests and Jen was very afraid she would end up losing custody completely. Jen has since retained a wonderful new lawyer who has agreed to take payments over time.

Jen is a talented artist and a good mother who has exhausted her resources trying to protect her daughter. With the court's permission, Jen and Mia are presently staying with Jen's sister, pending resolution of the custody trial in New York. Once the trial is over and Jen no longer has to travel to New York, Jen plans to relocate permanently to Florida, where Mia can have a safe home with her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

We hope to raise enough money through these auctions to significantly offset the lawyer's fees, which will be substantial; the initial estimate is $2500 but it could end up costing significantly more than that if the case is dragged out by the other party. Any money left after the lawyer's fees are paid in full will be used to help Jen and Mia relocate to Florida once the trial is over.

I'd like to contribute something for auction! What do I do?

Wonderful, thank you so much! Please create a new post in this community, and include the following information:
  • What you are auctioning and how much it's worth
  • A photograph of the item or link to your website (if applicable)
  • A starting bid
  • When the auction will end (we suggest running auctions for one week)
  • Whether or not you will cover shipping costs

(Please keep your auction offerings PG-13ish - there is, after all, a custody battle going on here. Thank you for understanding!)

I'd like to bid on something I see in the auction! How does this work?

To bid, simply reply to the previous high bidder. If there are no bids yet, just leave a comment with your opening bid.

I have no money and nothing to auction, but I'd still like to help. What can I do?

Boost the signal! Spread the word far and wide. We could also use help customizing and maintaining this community.

(You can also help in the larger scheme of things by volunteering at your local domestic violence shelter.)

You say Jen is an artist - where can I see her work?

Right over here at http://www.etsy.com/shop/lovestrucksoul and http://www.etsy.com/shop/MintyFreshFusions!

Can I make a donation directly?

Yes! Click the donate button; your donation will go directly to Jen's paypal account. Any amount, no matter how small, is very deeply and gratefully appreciated. If you make a donation, please leave a comment on this post so we can keep a running total of how much has been raised.